Meeting Sound Effects

Enough with boring Business Meetings? How often you’d be ready to say yours, but your time to speak is always too late? Looking for the right words to comment your colleague’s ideas?

MSE is the perfect app for you: you have 4 sounds at fingertip to drive attention where you want to:

Sad Trombone: nothing better than trombone to highlight a big fail, like software crash in a demo

WC: C’mon: this idea is crap!

Ta Daa: Hey! Unbelievable It works!

Ba Dum Tish: the “Idea of the Year” is here …

Four quick buttons to let your thoughts sound on your iPhone.

And if you are not allowed to use your iPhone in meetings, no worries, you can use the Apple Watch version!

Remember: use the app responsibly, where permitted. I won’t be responsible for your firing.